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Zalube Jan-17-2019 08:02:00 PM $69.00
Hojuri Jan-17-2019 07:43:00 PM $128.00
Direha Jan-17-2019 07:24:00 PM $82.00
Kukito Jan-17-2019 07:04:00 PM $443.00
Ruruso Jan-17-2019 06:49:00 PM $248.00
Tarupak Jan-17-2019 06:34:00 PM $57.00
Dezag Jan-17-2019 06:19:00 PM $53.00
Finuzape Jan-17-2019 06:01:00 PM $94.00
Toruy Jan-17-2019 05:41:00 PM $90.00
Sujuc Jan-17-2019 05:25:00 PM $74.00

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Dear Clients,

With a great pleasure we would like to announce that we reached 35000 clients.
For the period of 290 days more $21428143 dollars has been invested with our online investment service and more $17259264 million dollars has been withdrawn.
We are really grateful to our clients who trust us their assets.

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Best regards, Team ...

Posted on: Jan-10-2019 10:07:27 AM

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